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Monday, November 27, 2006

ACT Backs Down

Despite their bluster earlier this month, Advanced Cell Technology has modified its claims in its now notorious Nature paper.

From LifeNews

Los Angeles, CA ( -- A leading biotech firm that came under fire for claiming to have created a new technique to obtain embryonic stem cells without destroying human life has modified its claims. In a new paper submitted to the scientific journal Nature, Advanced Cell Technology confirmed previous reports indicating the assertions were false.
In an addendum to the original report, ACT admitted that none of the 16 human embryos in the original experiments survived the attempt at creating a new technique.

ACT also clarified its own claims about it's research, now saying that it "might" be possible to obtain stem cells from a human embryo without killing it.

In the Thursday paper, ACT went on to say that "none of the biopsied [human] embryos" involved in the research survived.

Kudos to Steve Ertelt at LifeNews for standing his ground.
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