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Monday, November 20, 2006

Biotech CEO threatens Critics

Two important critics of embryonic stem cell research have been threatened by a biotech firm recently lambasted in the Senate and the press for an embryonic bait and switch

From LifeNews

Los Angeles, CA ( -- A leading biotech firm that engages in cloning and embryonic stem cell research has launched a scathing attack on, the pro-life newswire service. The CEO of Advanced Cell Technologies sent a heated letter late Wednesday threatening the news service if it didn't stop reporting the truth about its research

Steve Ertelt has done yeoman's work in covering the prolife stories we would never hear in the mainsteam media and this attempt to intimidate him is despicable. The biotech firm Advanced Cell Technology [based in my hometown of Worcester MA] has a long history of deception and ethical compromise and this attack is par for the course.

This is a company that moved their headquarters to California to take advantage of the state funding for stem cell research there while the bulk of the company stayed in Massachusetts. They touted their methods in Nature as not harming the embryo when in fact none of the embryos they used to produce the paper survived. And despite being chastised by pro-ESCR Senator Arlen Spector for misrepresenting their research before a Senate subcommittee, they still managed to raise millions in venture funds on the basis of the misleading press releases regarding their Nature paper. This article at gives all the details.

I emailed Wesley Smith who informed me that Micheal Fumento has received a threatening letter as well. Wesley stated that Mr Fumento gave him permission to disseminate the threatening letter and sent me a copy. It is a tour de force of doublespeak in it's defense of ACT's claims and the legal threat is clearly implied at the end. I won't reference the text unless Mr Fumento or Wesley post it first.

Big Biotech is throwing their weight around to smother dissent and free speech. Please let your voice be heard and speak out against companies like ACT that don't want you to know the truth about their research.
papijoe 11:11 AM