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Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy Times for the Culture of Death

From the Telegraph a report that neighbors of the Swiss assisted suicide clinic want them evicted:

Residents who share a block of flats with Dignitas, the controversial assisted suicide charity, have launched a campaign to evict the organisation from the buiding.

In eight years, more than 450 people have killed themselves with barbiturates in a fourth-floor apartment in Zurich, owned by the Swiss charity. The bodies are put in a zipper bag and transported in the three-person lift, or carried downstairs.

Traumatised by the experience of passing living people going up in the lift, only to come across them hours later descending in a body bag, some residents want to move out of the block.


According to Australian ABC Radio, the New Zealand Ministry of Health has declined to charge Philip Nitschke for practicing medicine without a license for his assisted suicide workshops. He will return to continue the workshops, but the Medical Council has threatened to try to make another charge stick.


I've posted before that Amnesty International was considering a policy making the killing of babies a basic human right. Now it seems they are ready to push this policy at their next general meeting, according to LifeSite. I agree with Congressman Christopher Smith of New Jersey:

"I would hope they reject it," he said. "They would cease to be a human rights organization and morph into just another anti-child, pro-abortion organization."

The bishop who penned the "Amnesty Prayer" and is a thirty year member has already resigned in protest.


Finally LifeNews has a great editorial on adult vs. embryonic stem cell research from's Steve Milloy
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