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Monday, May 08, 2006

Amnesty International Considering Making Abortion a "Human Right"

From LifeNews

AI seems ready to jump on the UN abortion bandwagon:

Amnesty International is coming under fire from pro-life groups for asking its membership if it should add promoting abortion to the list of human rights topics it covers. The group is defending itself and saying it's only polling its members and hasn't taken a pro-abortion stance yet.
Last month, AI leaders sent documents to its membership proposing three areas in the abortion debate where the group could be involved.

Pro-life groups have been very vocal in saying AI should not adopt a pro-abortion position, including Catholic 'Aid to the Church in Need' (ACN), which participates in humanitarian assistance campaigns.

Father Joaquin Alliende, ACN’s international ecclesiastical assistant, told Catholic World News that his group regretted learning AI was looking into promoting abortion.

“AI has earned a high reputation for its intensive efforts to gain the release of innocent prisoners on conscience," he explained. "Now by proposing a pro-abortion initiative AI is abandoning its own noble ethical principles, thereby shaking the very foundations on which it is built."

Alliende told CWN that the right to life is the most basic of human rights and "unborn life in a mother’s womb is the very weakest of all threatened and persecuted human beings.”

Here is the address for AI in the US:


Email them to let them know what you think about the rights of the unborn. Here ispart of my response:

Most of the planet sees abortion as morally wrong and your plans to promote it as part of "reproductive rights" aligns AI with the senseless global de-population programs of the UN and it's associated NGOs. Promoting the deaths of the world's most innocent and defenseless population entirely negates any moral authority your organization has earned. Please reconsider your support of these insane policies. Our children are the only hope for all of us.
papijoe 10:26 AM