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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Australian "Dr Death" Moves Operation to NZ

I had mentioned in yesterday's post how euthanasia advocates were gearing up to propose new legislation in New Zealand. Into this fray comes Dr. Philip Nitschke. If New Zealand seemed a better political climate for his views, it should also be pointed out that the main reason for the move is that he had worn out his welcome in his native Australia.

Philip Nitschke says new laws in Australia will restrict his organisation from January 6. These include running a website, preparing written material or organising workshops on euthanasia.

Nitschke says he will continue living in Darwin but will visit New Zealand often.

An organisation which opposes euthanasia says his work will be legal in New Zealand, but that only shows what a soft touch New Zealand is.

Family Life International says New Zealand is fighting youth suicide and the culture of suicide, so should not allow people to set up professional operations that promote suicide as a viable alternative.

It is reminiscent of Oregon in that areas with already high suicide rates seem to favor right-to-die legislation.

Despite at one time being nominated for "Australian of the Year" (He did not even make it to the finals IIRC), his image there has been tarnished by revelations of his actual agenda. Much of the credit for exposing Nitschke's fanaticism goes to Wesley Smith for for highlighting Nitschke's more bizarre efforts and views.
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