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Monday, November 28, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving Round-Up

Here's a round-up of the euthanasia reports I missed while I languished in a tryptophan-induced haze the past few days.

The always brilliant Wesley Smith has this chilling report on euthanasia and health care rationing in Europe:

In Europe there are medical treatments, operations or drugs which are not available to persons above a certain age, or to persons who are considered too sick, or to anyone at all. Political authorities, claiming to be the guardians of solidarity in society, decide who is allowed to get what kind of treatment, operation or drug. Soon euthanasia might be the price the solidarity principle of the welfare state imposes on those people whose health care is costing society the most. Politicians in Belgium and the Netherlands have already granted their citizens a "right to die" by means of a lethal (and cheap) euthanasia injection. Is this a new "freedom" that the state, which is constantly restricting every other aspect of our lives, generously bestows on us? Or does it boil down to "economic euthanasia," which enables governments to save money by eliminating those that cost the welfare state too much?"

USA Today jumps on the media euthanasia bandwagon. Same misinformation we seen before.

The Germans are now investigating the assisted suicide death connected to the Swiss right-to-die group Dignitas that was posted a while ago. The doctor that performed the assisted suicide himself committed suicide when he discovered that the medical report that claimed she was terminally ill was a fake. Death begets death.

The right-to-die activist in Cambodia who is facing expulsion pleads his case in the world press. The family of the British woman who apparently responded to his invitation to kill herself in Cambodia might be skeptical of his claim that "he meant nobody any harm".

I found this great resource for Catholics on euthanasia. Thanks for sending this Fredi!

The suicide of a right-to-die advocate and the comments of the investigating coroner have galvanized the pro-euthanasia elements of New Zealand society to push once again to legalized euthanasia.

And finally cloning golden boy Hwang Woo-Suk has resigned in disgrace. Don't let the screen door hit ya, Professor...
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