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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Belgian Medical Association Bans Suicide Kits

From Expatica

The association of physicians, Orde van Geneesheren, has informed the Health Ministry it has banned doctors from prescribing a 'euthanasia kit', claiming it is in breach of deontology, newspaper 'De Tijd' reported. The association said a doctor must know exactly what form of euthanasia he or she is choosing and what medication is necessary. The ban comes after three workgroups were established to draw up clear agreements over the availability of 'euthanasia kits'. The chairman of a special euthanasia commission, Wim Distelmans, defended the kits, saying doctors must detail all products and the correct dosage when proscribing euthanasia. Doctors are also required to personally order the kits at pharmacists and return any unused drugs.

I commented on these suicide kits last month. This probably shouldn't be interpeted as a pro-life stance, but it is encouraging to see that there are some principled physicians left in Belgium.
papijoe 7:00 AM