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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Do-It-Yourself Death

From the Canadian Free Press, via Extreme Truths

Euthanasia deaths are being committed at the rate of one a day in Belgium. Now pharmacies will make it even easier:

Two hundred and fifty pharmacies across Belgium began offering euthanasia kits last week, reports

The kits cost 60 Euros ($77 U.S.) and are proposed as a means to make the jobs of doctors, who commit euthanasia in homes easier. A report said that 40 percent of euthanasia occurs in the patient’s home in Belgium.

Belgian health authorities report almost700 euthanasia killings by physicians since it was legalized in 2002.

Sine euthanasia was legalized, the number of deaths by the practice has gone from approximately 20 per month to 30 per month.

The Netherlands has also seen a rise in euthanasia cases from 1,815 in 2003 to 1,886 last year, according to the country’s health ministry statistics. Euthanasia was widespread in the Netherlands before it became legalized.

Ms McLeod from the Free Press astutely points out that euthanasia programs always claim victims outside of their self-enforced "guidelines":

Death happy societies are bound to claim victims by default.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in Ontario laments the fact that the legislators in Belgium have followed the lead of their Dutch neighbour. Says spokesman Alex Schadenberg: "We are concerned that vulnerable people (disabled, elderly, chronically ill and the poor) in Belgium will now find themselves forced into "choosing" an earlier death or be killed against their consent. Dutch courts have already allowed euthanasia for the depressed, we fear that Belgium will soon follow their lead."

No mention was made as to whether the sale of the kits would be restricted only to doctors.
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