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Thursday, January 04, 2007

No Euthanasia Case Too Shady for UK Press

If doctors are half as cavalier about euthanasia, this piece about a would-be elderly angel of death is a good example of why "guidelines" in euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are worse than useless.

AN ANGUISHED ex-Hucknall man has pleaded with a nursing home to allow him to bring the life of his ill wife to an end.

Bill Starr (76) claims he has been told that his wife, Maureen, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, is now dying.
Hucknall-born Maureen (63) has been a resident of the Lowmoor Home at Kirkby-in-Ashfield for 18 months.
But she no longer recognises her husband and Bill told the Dispatch that he called at the home last week "with the sole intention of releasing my wife's spirit".
He even took a change of clothes because he was prepared for police to arrive and arrest him.
He declined to say how he planned to carry out the mercy killing, which would have been illegal.
Because staff became aware of what Bill proposed to do, he has now been told he can no longer visit Maureen without supervision.
A campaigner for voluntary euthanasia, Bill says he will not be going to see Maureen any more in any case because he cannot bear to watch her condition deteriorate.
He visited the home this week to say his final goodbyes and he is now appealing for friends in Spiritualist churches to pray for Maureen's "early transition from this life".
In the meantime he has written to staff at the home to ask them to make sure Maureen receives a lot of tender loving care.
He says: "It was a heartbreaking decision not to see Maureen any more but I felt it was something I must do.
"I do not really care what happens to me now but I will carry on just for Maureen's sake."

He is quoted as saying in another report:

"My wife is deteriorating before my eyes and it is just heartbreaking to see her in this condition. I want to be able to give her euthanasia and help put her out of this agonising misery.
"I am very angry about this. I have no life and neither does she.
"If this was an animal you would be able to put it out of its misery and the same should apply to humans.
"Her brain is shrinking and it is just downhill all the way from now.
"There needs to be a change in the law to allow euthanasia to go ahead for all those who need it.
"There should be voluntary euthanasia for all those who need it and one-on-one care to protect those who need to be kept from the dangers that they face.
"It has put a massive strain on me but I am determined to remain strong for my wife."

Anguished. Heartbroken. Devasted. Yet angry. And finally...strong. For Maureen. Because really, it's all about her...
papijoe 12:59 PM