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Thursday, October 05, 2006

What Does the NEA Have Against My Kid's Virginity?

From LifeNews:

The nation's largest teacher's group is attacking abstinence education programs in a new report it co-sponsored. The attack is designed to persuade Congressional lawmakers to cut funding for abstinence education, which studies have shown is achieving its intended results in reducing sex and teen pregnancies.
The National Education Association (NEA) and the anti-abstinence group SIECUS co-sponsored the new report, its fourth annual one attacking abstinence programs.

The report reviews abstinence education curriculum and claims it is "riddled with messages of fear and shame, gender stereotypes, and medical misinformation that put young people at risk."

We've examined the NEA in these pages before, but I was curious about SEICUS. The description of their origins on their site is intentionally vague:

In 1964, a physician, a lawyer, a sociologist, a family life educator, a clergyman, and a public health educator came together to form a new organization dedicated to assuring that all people had access to information about sexuality.

It turns out that it's roots are in the work of Alfred Kinsey and his Institute. If like me you are wondering why the NEA and SEICUS are so motivated to sexualize our kids and rob them of the innocent idyll of childhood, here is a good place to start. Once you better understand Kinsey, his "inner life" and the agenda he created that has now permeated our schools and criminal justice system, you'll start to get an inkling of what a threat successful abstinence programs are to these shock troops of the Sexual Revolution.
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