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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bragging about Euthanasia

evariste at Discarded Lies comments about a recent admission of volunteers of the "right to die" group Compassion and Choices that they are actively helping their "clients" commit suicide, even in states where physician assisted suicide is illegal:

American euthanists were recently bragging to their foreign peers at an international conference that they do everything they can to kill people, short of breaking the law. I don't believe them. I think they go farther than that. I think they encourage, bait, bully, guilt, and very likely, snuff the candle.

I want to know why these people are operating with impunity. I think it's quite likely they're helping push people over the edge who might not have killed themselves. I've read far too much about the bullying by euthanists of patients to believe in their benevolence.

They want to mainstream the killing of the inconvenient, and they have to be confronted and stopped. The sad thing is how they've taken over the hospice movement. Once a beacon of loving care for the dying, they are now the most likely places to harbor undeclared euthanists.

This particular euthanist ring call themselves "Compassion and Choices". Have you ever seen such cheek? I'm glad they went with choice, though-it's revealing. Choice to kill your baby or choice to kill yourself; it's all choice! And needless to say, the euthanist ring aren't bragging about the number of people they dissuaded from committing suicide—any more than an unrepentant abortionist boasts about saving pregnancies and convincing women to give birth and give their babies up for adoption to a loving home. This isn't medicine, friends-it's a garbage disposal whirring in society's sink, and you're the garbage.

Yes ev, they do in fact bully coerce and cajol, they do want to kill the inconvenient, both in the Netherlands and in Oregon, and they have already gotten well entrenched in the hospice movement. Your analogy is perfect, we've been reduced to an unwanted meat by-product at the end of life.
papijoe 9:36 AM