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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Michael Reagan Nails It on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Michael Reagan does a great guest post in LifeNews. Here he sums it up better than I've seen anywhere:

It needs to be said right up front: at this time those promised ESCR miracles are merely the products of the proponents’ hopes and dreams, and mostly based on the now admittedly falsified claims of a South Korean scientist -- not of the current reality, which is grim. Far from curing everything from Alzheimer’s Disease to spinal cord injuries, and a whole host of other medical problems as proponents promise, all ESCR has produced thus far is cancerous tumors in lab animals. And even top ESCR scientists now admit that any progress in the field is 25 years away, after they stop killing lab animals, that is.

Yet you hear proponents say that cures for Alzheimer’s and spinal cord injuries are right around the corner and if only science had been allowed to go ahead with ESCR a long time ago my dad could have been cured of Alzheimer’s and Christopher Reeve would have lived to walk again.

The fact that Bill Frist is supporting the latest push for ESCR funds is yet another reason why fundraisers who call me from the Republican Party get nothing but an earful lately. Fortunately Bush plans to veto the bill.
papijoe 8:05 AM