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Monday, July 17, 2006

Canadian Report Claims China Harvesting Organs from Falun Gong Members

Wesley Smith made a brief reference to this report on his Albany Bioethics Conference post. I googled and found a link to the report from Die Welt

Since it is a PDF I'll summarize rather than post. An independent study by a human rights lawyer and former prosecuter have turned up some serious indictors that China is harvesting organs from the incarcerated adherents of the Falun Gong cult. The number, availability, and short wait period for "donated" organs at Chinese hospitals are all consistent with this kind of program. Also in a "sting" operation, callers posing as middlemen have recorded calls with employees of Chinese hospitals who admit they are supplying or did supply the organs. Here is an eerie example of the kind of conversation that was captured:

"Do you have Falun Gong [organ] suppliers? ..."

"We used to have, yes."

"... what about now?"

"... Yes."

"Can we come to select, or you provide directly to us?"

"We provide them to you."

"What about the price?"

"We discuss after you come."

"... How many [Falun Gong suppliers] under age 40 do you have?"

"Quite a few."

"Are they male or female?"


"Now, for ... the male Falun Gong [prisoners], How many of them do you have?"

"Seven, eight, we have [at least] five, six now."

"Are they from countryside or from the city?"


The entire report is worth your time reading and you will no doubt find it extremely unsettling.
papijoe 12:42 PM