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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Euthanasia Law Being Considered in India

From Hindustan Times

SEEKING TO legalise mercy killing in the case of terminally ill patients, the Law Commission has suggested to the government to consider if a legislation can be enacted under which life-support systems can be withdrawn in the patients' "best interests".

In a report, the commission said that under such circumstances, no criminal case should be made against the patient, the doctor or anyone else for the decision.

Sources said the report asked the government to study if a patient could be "competent" to take a decision on "withholding or withdrawing" medical treatment, including artificial nutrition and hydration.

The commission submitted its report recently to the Law Ministry, which has sent it to the Health Ministry for its views. "Ultimately the cabinet has to decide whether such a bill should be brought in Parliament," the sources said.
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