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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Judge Rules In Favor of Baby MB

Hat tip evariste at Discarded Lies

The parents of a severely disabled baby boy at the centre of a right-to-life case have thanked the judge for ruling that he should be kept alive.

They were fighting a hospital's bid to turn off the ventilator that keeps the child, known only as Baby MB, alive.

The 19-month-old boy has genetic condition spinal muscular atrophy - which leads to almost total paralysis.

The judge said he felt the child gained enough pleasure from life to outweigh the medical evidence of his condition.

In an exclusive BBC interview the child's mother said: "I really thank the judge for coming to that decision."

Although I'm a little leery of using something as subjective as "pleasure from life" as criteria for deciding life or death but this is good news.
papijoe 2:40 PM