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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Euthanasia Cases Double in Belgium Over Four Years

From Ireland Online

Some 400 cases of euthanasia were reported in Belgium last year, up from 200 cases four years ago, according to figures published today.

About one third of assisted suicides are the result of a surgical procedure.

In some cases, medical treatment is stopped or not started at all, said Wim Distelmans, chairman of Belgium’s euthanasia evaluation committee.

Some 80% of the mercy killings were performed in the northern region of Flanders, where there is a network of specialised doctors, Distelmans was quoted as saying.

Belgium legalised euthanasia in 2002, becoming the second European country after the Netherlands to do so.

The bill defines euthanasia as an act practised by a third party intentionally ending the life of a person at his or her request.

The number of cases is probably about five times higher, based on a previous statement by Distilmans admitting that only 20% of cases are even reported. More confirmation of the slippery slope.
papijoe 1:29 PM