Marlowe's Shade

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Euthanasia Reports from Around the World

Several stories of interest in my inbox this morning. The latest news on several of the usual suspects we've been following on Marlowe's Shade

Philip Nitschke despite his move to New Zealand, is still pushing for euthanasia in his native Australia. Tasmania seems to be his next target.

A Cambodian governor has made good on his threat to close down a US National who was running a euthanasia website, according to China's People's Daily. His internet cafe has been closed down because the site was run out of there. He would be allowed to run any other business that doesn't involve euthanasia sites.

Belgium has now given the go-ahead to pharmacists to provide euthanasia drugs to doctors, and a Swiss hospital will allow physician-assisted suicide.

And finally as sort of a footnote to yesterday's post, a Gallup poll shows that 94% of Americans believe in God. While I probably wouldn't agree with most of them in other areas of doctrine, it at least gives me hope that the militant secularists still have some work to do.
papijoe 7:25 AM