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Monday, December 05, 2005

Corporations that Support the Culture of Death

Gregg from Pundit Review sent me this link to the site of Life Decisions International. The organization has this laudable mission:

LDI's chief purpose is public education on the agenda of Planned Parenthood. This is done with the prayer that God will touch the hearts of those who learn the facts in such a way that they are motivated to help lead the world to positive social change, including a respect for all human life.

LDI conveniently lists the swarms of actors, musicians and corporations that support Planned Parenthood. The lists of entertainers had few surprises, but I was shocked at a partial list of companies that get my hard-earned money, who then in turn support Planned Parenthood.

Walt Disney, Pfizer, J. P. Morgan Chase (including Chase Manhattan Bank & Bank One), Johnson & Johnson, CIGNA, The New York Times (owns newspapers and television stations throughout the USA), Microsoft (Hotmail, etc.), Levi Strauss, Patagonia, and Whole Foods Market.

Oddly, the full list isn't on the site, you have to pay for it (!!!). I question whether this is the best way to further their stated goal, but I also noticed that Planned Parenthood's donor list isn't anywhere in plain sight on their own website.

So here's a question Johnson & Johnson's and Disney's shareholders and customers may want to ask. Since these company's customers are primarily parents and children,
isn't supporting a cause dedicated to reducing your target market unwise?
papijoe 7:50 AM