Marlowe's Shade

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Ethical Abuses in South Korean Cloning Research

This LifeNews reports perpetuates the cover that the Koreans are doing "stem cell research" but I believe it is more to the point that the defining characteristic of their efforts is the unfettered use of "therapeutic" cloning, which is a bogus distinction from any other kind.

The stem cell research program in South Korea has already been saddled with worldwide criticism for allegations in scientific journals saying a junior researcher donated her eggs for use in stem cell studies. Now another member of the research team says it ran afoul of ethical considerations.

Speaking at a news conference, Roh Sung Il, head of Miz Medi Hospital in Seoul, said he paid 20 women for contributing their eggs for research. Roh works with human cloning scientist Hwang Woo Suk, who has come under tremendous fire.

No surprises here. Cloning crosses an ethical point of no return, and guidelines become irrelevant. Why be bound by rules when you are already playing God?
papijoe 6:45 AM