Marlowe's Shade

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Two Stories

A Canadian Bishop speaks out against the pending euthanasia bill, and a Finnish party leader wants to take action against the Netherlands over the euthanasia of children.

An Ontario bishop has issued a pastoral letter warning that he is “deeply worried” about impending legislation to legalize euthanasia for Canada.

Describing euthanasia as “murder,” London Bishop Ronald Fabbro wrote, “Let me be clear: whether it is called euthanasia, or mercy-killing, or doctor-assisted suicide, the reality is that this Bill proposes to make murder legal in our country.”

Bishop Fabbro nails it. This Canadian bill is worse than the original Dutch guidelines.

And three cheers for the head of Finland's Christian Democrats:

Päivi Räsänen, leader of Finland's Christian Democrats, calls for the Finnish government to propose joint action against Holland to the other EU member countries. Ms Räsänen thinks other countries should intervene in Holland's plan to allow euthanasia also for incurably sick children.

According to the Dutch bill, doctors could, with consent from parents, decide whether or not to terminate a child's life. Holland is also contemplating extending euthanasia to people with congenital defects and to the demented elderly.
papijoe 6:21 AM