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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pet Peeves

I think Wesley J Smith is spot on in putting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in the vanguard of the Culture of Death. For those who believe that PETA is simply a Humane Society with good PR and nudity, Wesley has written what I think is the definitive indictment of their philosophy and agenda.

In a post this past Monday at his blog Secondhand Smoke he follows up on the story of two PETA employees who were indicted for euthanizing animals and illegally disposing of the bodies.

The two PETA workers who were charged with killing dogs and cats and dumping them in trash cans have been charged with more crimes. The biggest news is that these new charges include three counts of obtaining property under false pretenses. The property are cats and dogs. The false pretenses are, allegedly, that PETA would find them homes when the intent was always to kill them.

This story reveals the underbelly of PETA. Animal liberationists' ultimate goal is to eradicate all domesticated animals (not by killing them but preventing further breeding--which we might call doggie and kittie eugenics). This desire could explain why clearly adoptable animals have apparently been killed by PETA rather than found homes, which I wrote about here. (Yes, I know that PETA also has adopted out pets. But the group's kill to adoption ratio is much higher than local humane society shelters.)

It's ironic that the legions of pet owners that could provide the largest bloc of supporters for PETA would be the ones most opposed to it's real agenda. What is really a shock is how radical and foreign this vision is: not only does their definition of exploitation include keeping animals as pets, but the logical conclusion of this is no contact at all between humans and animals! How much advocacy do they expect for animals among a population that would never see one?

This kind of unbalanced thinking combined with their tacit approval of the eco-terrorist fringe of their movement makes PETA truly dangerous.
papijoe 7:06 AM