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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Euthanasia Doc Removed from Medical Register

The headline of this Guardian article is "Euthanasia law must change, says struck-off doctor" As usual the liberal media bends over backwards to give a sympathetic portrayal of euthanasia.

A retired doctor vowed yesterday to continue to campaign for the legalisation of doctor-assisted suicide after he was struck off the medical register for obtaining pills in his own name to help a terminally ill friend end his life.
Michael Irwin, 74, a leading euthanasia campaigner, "abused his position as a doctor" and was unfit to practise, a General Medical Council panel found.

Despite the grandstanding, the facts of the case were never in question:

Kenneth Hobbs, the chairman of the panel, told the retired GP he had breached the requirements of a medical practitioner to be "honest and trustworthy" by committing "the serious criminal offence" of possessing temazepam, a class C controlled drug, with intent to supply.

"Furthermore, you admitted that you dishonestly self-prescribed this drug ostensibly for your own use when in fact it was intended for another. This, together with your repeated self-prescribing of supplies of temazepam for the purposes of stockpiling for your own use, against the advice of your general practitioner, amounts to an abuse of the trust placed in you as a doctor."

At least there is one medical organization in the UK that still upholds the Hippocratic Oath.
papijoe 5:40 AM