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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chinese Diplomats Fume at UK Pro-Life Protesters

From LifeSite

Pressure on China continues to mount over it's abortion policies and abuses.

Pro-life protesters outside the Chinese embassy in the UK have been given an historic thumbs-up by authorities who have normally discouraged or arrested those who tried to draw attention to human rights atrocities in the Communist country.

Police “embarrassingly” acknowledged the lawful right of British citizens to peacefully assemble on the pavement outside the Chinese Embassy in London's Portland Place, after about two-dozen members of the UK Life League assembled there Saturday morning. The group took the issue to a judge Sunday, after which time the police finally conceded the group’s right to peaceful assembly despite the vehement protests of police superintendent Morgan.

At one point, police were seen explaining to an irate Chinese diplomatic worker that British citizens, unlike the Chinese, have the right to peaceful protest.

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