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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

China Using Tissue from Executed Convicts and Fetuses for Cosmetics

From The Guardian via Discarded Lies

"A lot of the research is still carried out in the traditional manner using skin from the executed prisoner and aborted foetus." This material, he said, was being bought from "bio tech" companies based in the northern province of Heilongjiang, and was being developed elsewhere in China.

He suggested that the use of skin and other tissues harvested from executed prisoners was not uncommon. "In China it is considered very normal and I was very shocked that western countries can make such a big fuss about this," he said. Speaking from his office in northern China, he added: "The government has put some pressure on all the medical facilities to keep this type of work in low profile."

The agent said his company exported to the west via Hong Kong."We are still in the early days of selling these products, and clients from abroad are quite surprised that China can manufacture the same human collagen for less than 5% of what it costs in the west." Skin from prisoners used to be even less expensive, he said. "Nowadays there is a certain fee that has to be paid to the court."

The report from the British paper actually downplays the the fetal tissue aspect. Any use of human tissue in cosmetics is atrocious. Pro-life groups have been reporting the use of fetal tissue in cosmetics for some time. I'm glad the mainstream media is waking up and getting the word out on this terrible practice.
papijoe 6:40 AM