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Monday, August 08, 2005

People's Ethical Transformation into Animals

If their choice of pro-euthanasia "bio-ethicist" Peter Singer as an inspiration doesn't tip you off to PETA's true aim, then this story may illustrate that it isn't about being nice to animals.

Wesley J. Smiths's piece on PETA last week in NRO applies his considerable intellect to the weird ethical gymnastics of the "animal rights" movement:

I have long perceived the animal-liberation movement to be deeply misanthropic, and Bottum’s theory explains why. If indeed “we are all animals,” then there is no hierarchy of moral worth. Since human contact with animals is seen, by definition, as causing animals to suffer, and since all suffering is evil — yet, only humans can act in an evil way — then the belief that cattle ranching equals Auschwitz becomes a logical conclusion.

PETA would like you to think that they are "humanizing" animals as if that somehow makes those who ascribe to their views in some way superhuman. But since this is simply not possible, as animals are equally or more "savage" towards each other (and sometimes us), the best they can do animalized humans. I can't claim to understand this mentality, let alone explain it. But my experience is that faulty ethical thinking not only leads to bizarre ideologies like those held by both PETA and "ethics experts" like Peter Singer, but also a deep sense of self-loathing which ensures this beliefs are expressed in the darkest ways possible.
papijoe 11:25 AM