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Friday, August 26, 2005

Experts Waking up to the "Birth Dearth"

From AP via C-Pol

The is more than a bit of spin on this story. It leads off stating the global population will grow for a few more decades, but the real significance is that it confirms previous reports that population growth is rapidly approaching the apex of its trajectory and will soon be declining overall.

Global population growth is ensured for many decades, with most of it in developing countries, a private group said Tuesday.

The rapid growth in developing countries, combined with declining birth rates in some industrialized nations could affect the ability of the wealthy to aid the poor, said a demographer who prepared the group's report.

"The countries of today's developing world are growing almost three times faster than the developed countries," said Carl Haub, a demographer for the Population Reference Bureau, a private research group. "The global population growth today has concentrated in the poorest countries and the poorest areas of those countries.

The reasons for the UN's campaign against the poor of our world start to come into sharper focus.

"Almost 99 percent of population growth today and for the foreseeable future will be in those developing countries," he said. "There has been a complete shift in population growth."

The bureau's study found that in many industrialized countries and in some developing countries such as China and Thailand, average fertility is below the two-child average.

"Because these low fertility levels lead to population decline sooner or later, some reports have sounded alarm about the possibility of a worldwide 'birth dearth,'" the report said.

Along with reports of abortions exceeding births in Russia, as well as their population declining by at least three quarters of a million a year, it soon becomes apparent why the developing countries as represented by the UN are using every means fair and foul to depopulate the Third World.

Oddly enough, these efforts may be unnecessary. Many have pointed out the danger to the West of the high birthrates of the Muslim world compared to their own declining ones. Spengler has been torturing his faithful readers with this recent fascination with demographics, but he has gleaned some interesting insights. He says in his latest column that although Muslim birthrates are the second highest (after sub-Saharan Africa), they are rapidly declining. He attributes this to rising literacy rates (particularly among women) and the influence of the West. He does warn that before this peak, the imbalance between Islam and the West could have disastrous consequences for Europe.

This inverse relationship of literacy to birthrates raises an important question. The UN must be aware of this phenomenon. So why don't they focus their resources on literacy programs instead of abortion and sterilization?
papijoe 6:33 AM