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Monday, August 29, 2005

Canadian Euthanasia Bill Worst So Far

A recent article in BC Catholic points out that Canadian Parliament Bill C-407 which seeks to legalize euthanasia is the worst to date:

Bill C-407 would take the ground-breaking and ground-digging legislation of the Netherlands and move it many steps further.

It would allow euthanasia and assisted suicide for people suffering chronic physical and mental pain, regardless of whether they’ve tried any treatment whatsoever.

It would allow the euthanizing of anyone as long as they wish to die and are “assisted by a medical practitioner.”

Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition calls Bill C-407 one of the worst bills he has ever seen, especially since it provides no protection for vulnerable people. “The whole idea is wrong from the beginning. Assisted suicide is a direct threat to those with chronic disabilities and the elderly.”

Although most of the guidelines in the Dutch and Oregon PAS/Euthanasia legislation have been completely ineffective, this bill dispenses with guidelines altogether and pretty much allows anyone to kill anyone else, provided that someone licensed to practice medicine in Canada is somehow involved. In fact there is nothing in the bill to prevent medical practices devoted solely to euthanasia from springing up. LifeSite has a detailed analysis of the bill and its implications.

If this bill passes, as it most likely will in liberal Canada, it will be open season on the disabled and the elderly. And I guarantee that child euthanasia won't be far behind. This will be a boon to anyone with relatives they consider a burden. All this legislation needs to make it complete is a line item pardoning Robert Latimer, and putting him on the government payroll as a poster boy for C-407.

I'll repeat the words of Judith Snow, a Canadian disability rights activist:

The very worst thing about being a Canadian with disabilities is the death sentence in our culture's eyes, the death sentence that stops every person without the courage from looking past the surface or thinking past the hype. People easily decide that I want to be, soon will be, should be, already am dead. Robert Latimer and his wife were handed an excuse by society that has already decided--helped in large part by the media that feed on the sensational and sentimental. The same media and society write the lines for Svend Robinson and Sue Rodriguez to faithfully parrot on the way to her grave--and beyond into prime time TV.

Save me from one thing and one thing alone. Save me from all those who would have me dead for my own good!
papijoe 6:27 AM