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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sea Change in Canada?

From Asian Pacific Post

Which ever side you are on, the same-sex marriage issue which has torn Canadians apart is setting the tone for a nasty and ugly federal election slated to be called sometime in early 2006.

Add to this Justice John Gomery‘s final report on Liberal corruption and fraud, warnings that the fiscal cupboard is becoming rather empty and the NDP screaming betrayal after not getting what they were promised for helping the government pass the budget, Prime Minister Paul Martin‘s promise to go to the polls early next year is sounding more and more like a political death wish.

Leading the charge to oust incumbent MPs, mainly Liberals, who voted for Bill C-38 are Catholics incensed that their institution of marriage “has been hijacked by the government and sinister forces.“

This strong and growing lobby which some polls show has the backing of two-third of Canadians, is working behind the scenes from coast-to-coast painting those who voted for the same-sex marriage bill as being anti-pro life, for abortion, for euthanasia and anti-family values.

The strategy is already rattling some Liberal MPs who say they don‘t want to go to the polls next February and are urging Martin not to call an election 30 days after Justice Gomery releases his final report, as was promised.

One of them who articulated his fear recently was Catholic Liberal MP Tony Martin who said the forces that are not pleased with Bill C-38 “are actively organizing and working and getting ready for the next election.“
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