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Friday, July 22, 2005

Australian "Dr Death" Holds a Town Meeting

From Geelonginfo

GEELONG residents yesterday asked Australia's `Dr Death' Philip Nitschke the best way to end their lives.
The Geelong West Town Hall supper room could not contain the 150 people who came to hear Dr Nitschke explain the ``peaceful pill'' and how to circumvent the law that deems it illegal to assist or advise suicide


``How about we just go to a Melbourne nightclub, get some ecstasy and go out on a high?'' asked another woman, greeted by laughter.

Dr Nitschke said, although it was asked in humour, the question was not uncommon, as many people considered narcotics such as heroin as a euthanasia drug.

``Keep away from narcotics, it won't necessarily end your life,'' he said.

He also ruled out the sleeping pill diazepam, along with all other such drugs and relaxants.

``They're all non-lethal. They're good sleeping tablets and taking a lot might mean you sleep really well but sleeping isn't the same as dying.''

Earlier, Dr Nitschke explained the most effective euthanasia methods and how to skirt the law.
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