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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Scott from Powerline on Pundit Radio This Week

Don't miss Scott Johnson from Powerline this Sunday evening, June 5th at 9pm EST on
Pundit Review Radio, heard exclusively on Boston's talk leader WRKO.

You can stream the show live at WRKO.

We are looking forward to talking with Scott, one of the true leaders in the new media. He will be giving us his unique perspective on this week's revelation of Deep Throat, how he feels about Mark Felt: is he a hero or villian, how Watergate changed the establishment media and how it has led to many of their problems today.

If you have a question for Scott, give us a call Sunday evening at 877-469-4322.

If you can't listen, you can email a question to us at punditreview @

Let's hear some of the rest of you call in. You can babble like star-struck schoolgirl, like I did on the first show with James Taranto...
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