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Monday, June 20, 2005

Email to Durbin

Like many I was outraged by Sen Durbin's remarks comparing our soldiers to Hitler, Soviet gulag guards, Pol Pot, etc. So when I saw the link from the American Family Association to send him an email, I did and then emailed the link to my posse.

I was overwhelmed by the response and friends even sent copies of their letters. They were all good, but I though this one by NY Nana deserved a wider audience:

Dear Senator Durbin,

I am greatly disappointed that a United States Senator would compare our soldiers at Guantanamo to Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. A cold or hot room and loud rap music in no way compares with gas chambers, starvation or being shot.

As a Jew, in my late 60's, any mention in so cavalier a fashion, of the Holocaust, in any way, is both repugnant and unforgivable. It shows an ignorance and contempt for the slaughter of over 6 million people, who were found guilty of being Jewish.To even hint at a connection to Gitmo, where these prisoners have amenities and accommodations that surpass anything they knew in their homelands is a disgrace to this great country, and plays into the hands of our enemy. Did you happen to hear of 9/11? We live in the metro NY area, and will never be the same. Our children and daughters in law were working in Manhattan that day. Our community has orphans, mothers bringing up children, fathers bringing up children,in addition to babies who were born after their fathers were massacred in this act of terrorism unlike any in history. These prisoners get 3 meals a day..halal meat, kurans, prayer rugs, and are treated far better than the Americans who are kidnapped and beheaded in these prisoners' countries. The Club Gitmo terrorists are coddled. You have spit in the eye of each and every brave US Military member who has to guard these individuals. We live in times like no other in history, and when an American who is a member of the US Congress makes such inflammatory,and ignorant remarks, it demeans this country, and feeds the enemy. You would do well to stand down, as you are not fit to be in Congress. Our Military is treating them with a dignity that is not warranted.They are not guarding an errant Boy Scout troop, but individuals who would kill them in a nanosecond if given the chance. Perhaps you ought to, at your own expense, go to Israel and visit Yad VaShem, and then to Cambodia, to see the skulls of Pol Pot's victims.

I will never forgive and never forget what was done to my family in Europe, not one who survived, nor will I forgive nor forget those who massacred so many people in NY. The ones who would do this again are now sitting in comparative luxury, at our expense at Gitmo, while you cry for them. Loud music? Boo, hoo.They get showers, have blankets, medical care , are a disgrace to the people who elected you, and to this country. You are not fit to hold office.

You owe our troops an apology. I hope it will be forthcoming immediately, and that after issuing this apology, you will resign. I do not expect this from you, as if you had a shred of decency, you never would have said what you did in the first place.

Now according to realwest of LGF, Durbin has started backing down from his remarks. I credit all those out their that bombarded him with emails and calls. Nice work people.

If you haven't made your feeling know to Sen. Durbin here's the link.
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