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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dutch: Don't Take Our Euthanasia!

As much as I dislike the concept of the European Union, I have refrained from gloating over the French and Dutch refusal to ratify the EU Constitution. As more sage commentators at Discarded Lies and CUANAS have noted, the no vote seems to be due to voters in those countries perceiving the EU as too conservative!

So instead of insightful commentary, I just thought I'd highlight the reasons of the Dutchperson on the street for voting against the EU, courtesy of The Scotsman

Holland is known for its liberal laws on euthanasia, prostitution and marijuana, and people here said they were afraid Europe would take these away.

Henry Roozendaal, 29, a hotelier said: “We don’t want to lose the right to euthanasia and the other great things about Holland like girls and joints. That is why I will be voting no.

“It just isn’t a good choice for Holland. I am not against Europe but I am against this constitution. They should make another one that would work.”

Mieke Fokker, after casting her Nee vote in the “Stembureau” on Haalemmerstraat agreed that Holland had a lot to lose.

“I don’t want us to have to start again with laws on sexuality, euthanasia and Human Rights,” the 55-year-old speech therapist said.

That will teach the EUroverlords to mess with traditional Dutch values like pot, prostitution and euthanasia.
papijoe 7:38 AM