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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mexican Church Officials Speak Out Against Proposed Euthanasia Law

from Catholic World News

Commenting on a bill sponsored by Mexico's Democratic Revolutionary Party which would legalize euthanasia in the country, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City said the Church will always oppose the killing of human life.

"Homicide and suicide will always be against God's will, because we are not the absolute owners of our lives and nobody is allowed to deliberately act to the take the life of another person," the cardinal maintained.

"All human beings have the right to live from the time they are in the maternal womb until their very last days," he added. "The Church is not opposed to debate nor to opinions, but she will always make known her principles and what the will of God is regarding human life."

Amen, Cardinal Carrera. The Democratic Revolution Party as one would guess from their name are the remnants of various socialist and communist political parties. While not the majority they control the Federal district of Mexico City and many of the southern states in Mexico. I'm sure this bill will fail, but the brazeness of even proposing it in an overwhelmingly Catholic country like Mexico seems to follow the strategy of de-sensitising the public to the issue by a small but very vocal minority.
papijoe 6:18 AM