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Monday, May 16, 2005

Marlowe Joins the Pajama Party

If the blogosphere is to challenge the Mainstream Media for the mind-share of the American public, I believe it needs to have it's own revenue engine and give that of the MSM a run for it's money. If nothing else, this will allow talented part-time bloggers the opportunity to go pro, and for the rest of us, give us a little revenue to afford some of the cool blog toys the the big dogs have...

That's why I signed on with Pajamas Media. Since not even the companies that I have worked for in the past have been foolish enough to allow me to be spokesperson, I'll spare PM and let co-founder Roger Simon explain:

Charles Johnson, Marc Danziger and I have been sneaking around over the last few months, trying to turn blogs into a business. We have enlisted some others with names familiar to you with the intention of working in two areas - aggregating blogs to increase corporate advertising and creating our own professional news service.

With respect to advertising, we do not wish to go into competition with Henry Copeland's BlogAds, which we fully support. (Some of us even have them!) We are working on another model that will sell ads en masse, not blog-by-blog. We expect this model to go live within a few weeks.

As for the Blog News Service, a lot of work needs to be done and a lot of questions answered. An editorial board consisting of Glenn Reynolds, PowerLine, Lawrence Kudlow, Hugh Hewitt, Marc Cooper, Wretchard of the Belmont Club and Tim Blair, as well as the founders, is already in place with other bloggers in many countries having signed on as contributors.

This is no way meant to be exclusive. We invite you all to join us. On the advertising end, any blogger -- whether political or not -- is welcome. We would be delighted to place ads on your blog and pay you for them. You may find out more and, we hope, join by simply emailing us at

If you are an advertiser, you may contact us at

I encourage other blogger to check it out. The folks at Pajamas Media were responsive and courteous in responding to my questions and concerns, despite the fact that I'm a little pisher.

There is very little if anything to lose, and if Charles, Marc and Roger have their way, it could be the death-knell for the MSM.
papijoe 3:44 PM