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Monday, May 16, 2005

It's Happening Again in Florida

From Worldnet Daily, hat tip: NY Nana

In a case that echoes Terri Schiavo's, a brain-injured Florida man, who is reportedly responsive, could soon be transferred to a hospice and starved to death if his wife succeeds in her petition to the court.

Jacksonville's Scott Thomas suffered a brain injury in September 2004 at home that incapacitated him and left him in need of constant care, including the use of a feeding tube. According to the Empire Journal, Thomas's wife, Eliza, is seeking to have him moved to the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida Inc. as soon as his mother's temporary guardianship of the 34-year-old man ends.

Apparently this may not have been an accident:

Scott's mother reports her son communicating to her that his injury – a blow so hard it knocked his brain to one side – was intentionally inflicted by his wife. "The doctors say that his injuries are not consistent with such a fall and believe the severe head trauma was caused by a blow to the head," Patton told Empire Journal.

Of course we knew Terri's case wouldn't be the last
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