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Friday, May 20, 2005

Islamic Society of Boston Not Included in Menino's PR Campaign

From the Boston Herald

While Mayor Thomas M. Menino's name graces dozens of community and construction projects citywide, there is no Menino-approved sign marking a new Roxbury mosque - despite the city's help on the controversial project.

The Islamic Society of Boston is building the $22 million mosque on land sold to the group by the Boston Redevelopment Authority for less than half market value.

The mosque, which will be tax-exempt, has come under scrutiny because of some past group members' controversial beliefs and teachings.

City Councilor Jerry McDermott said last night that hearings are going to be held into the Islamic Society's below-market purchase of the land from the BRA, as well as into the group's background.

BRA spokeswoman Meredith Baumann said no green ``Getting the Job Done'' sign bearing Menino's name is on the mosque because no tax dollars are being spent on the project
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