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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blogburst for Terri: More on Nazi Euthanasia

Hat tip: Sanity Ranch

Here's another piece on the Nazi euthanasia program that targeted disabled children. You may find a lot of it sounds familiar. But I found this this bit at the end particularly chilling:

The use of gas chambers at the euthanasia killing centers ultimately served as training centers for the SS. They used the technical knowledge and experience gained during the euthanasia program to construct huge killing centers at Auschwitz, Treblinka and other concentration camps in an attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe. SS personnel from the euthanasia killing centers, notably Wirth, Franz Reichleitner and Franz Stangl later commanded extermination camps.

Issues like abortion and euthanasia have definite moral and legislative "creep". I guess others would call it the "domino effect" or a "slippery slope". Legally precedents are set and other similar applications of the law follow. Roe vs Wade eventually leads to partial-birth abortions, and so on.

Bioethicist Arthur Caplan recently go very huffy about some of the charges leveled at the hospice industry over their involvement in the right to die cases.

Those who suggested that any hospice would ever let a person die a miserable, painful death should simply recant. Hospice is one of the greatest institutions ever to appear in American health care. No one, whatever their motives or goals, should ever be allowed to suggest that those who provide care in hospices do so in a way that does anything other than put the control of pain and the maintenance of human dignity at the forefront.

Huh? So as long as they put the word "Hospice" on the shingle, we don't have to worry about regulation or oversight? It's comments like from bioethicists and right to die proponents that that send up huge red flags for me. I know there are many fine hospices, like the one that cared for my uncle in his last days. Woodside/Suncoast isn't one of them. Look to place like Terri hospice to be on the forefront of the coming euthanasia program in this country.
papijoe 10:27 AM