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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Blogburst for Terri: More Reflections on a Warped Soul

Bobby Schindler isn't a psychiatrist. Neither am I. But he hit on a very basic and self-evident truth about Atty George Felos the other day when he appeared on Fox (hat tip to Nana)

"I think Mr. Felos has some infatuation with death."

This was Bobby Schindler's response to Felos' comment that the dying Terri Schiavo looked "beautiful".

While virtually all other eyewitnesses described the dying brain-injured woman as "gaunt," "drawn," "struggling" and "fighting like hell" for life, Felos described Terri as "beautiful" and "peaceful" to reporters during a Saturday press conference:

I've done several posts on George Felos' inner life. I found an article that Felos had writen for a local new age magazine on meditation that offers some further insight on his character.

We suffer the fate of the sorcerer's apprentice. Remember the movie Fantasia? Mickey Mouse disobediently uses his master's magic to animate broomsticks to fill a vat with buckets of well water (the apprentice's task), but when the job is completed, he can't stop the magical workers from dumping more water and flooding the castle. We have created these vast and useful intellects to do our bidding yet, without learning how to operate the shut-off switch, our willing servants can demonize us by preventing the relaxation, renewal and inner peace that are necessary for our well-being.

Meditation is mind-control: you learning how to control your own mind. Control does not mean subjugation. The mind is obviously an essential tool and appreciates kind treatment.

Felos also defines meditation as "the practice of awareness without judgment". Does that mean Felos himself is non-judgemental? You be the judge:

Felos said Democrats who allowed a Senate vote on a milder version of legislation crafted to save Schiavo should be "ashamed."

"Wear your shame for what you did and atone for it, because to trample on [Terri's] rights again would be abhorrent," he railed.

The pro-euthansia attorney said it was "cruel and inhuman" not to starve Ms. Schiavo to death.

"It is cruel and inhuman to say to a patient who says I don't want to be artificially fed to remove her feeding tube, have her enter the death process and then start life support again."

Felos will appropriate the language of morality when it serves his purpose. But it is inconsistant with his belief system. The error Felos has made is that meditation does not make one more spiritual by itself. As he himself states, it is simply mind control. I can attest from years of practicing meditation in my youth, it had absolutely no positive effect on my character. Meditation has merely made George Felos more focused on his twisted motivations. Thus more dangerous.
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