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Friday, February 18, 2005

No Praying at the Temple Mount

From The Conservative Voice

An elderly woman on tour lowered her heard while seated on a bench. It was hot. She was weary. But she took a breather at the wrong spot — the Temple Mount.

In short order, Temple Mount police — Muslim patrols — flew their arms into the air, questioning everyone around as to why she was brazen enough to pray there.

It’s not allowed. You can’t talk to God while on the Temple Mount. You can’t whisper, for the guards may conclude that you are praying to God. You must keep your lips sealed, still. You must keep your head erect.

You cannot take with you any Bible, surely nothing with Hebrew lettering, no religious symbols of any kind. If you flew into Jerusalem wearing a cross around your neck or attached to a pin noticeable on your clothing, you’d better see to it that it’s left back in your hotel room before ascending the Temple Mount.

If you are used to walking about the holy sites of the Holy City with a small New Testament, hide it. Better yet, leave it back in your suitcase. If you are a male Jew, don’t even think of wearing your usual headdress. You could get by with a baseball cap. That’s it.

God is not permitted there.

Worldnet Daily had this report:

"It was a hot day and she just wanted to rest for a few minutes. The Wafq started screaming and the police arrested her. She told me she was held for six hours and had to sign documents stating she would never again return to the Temple Mount.

"You also can't bring anything with Hebrew letters, even secular Hebrew books. The Wafq confiscated many of my tour books. One time I brought a guy who pulled out the Hebrew edition of the [Jerusalem] Post, and they took that from him."

The Temple Mount is an object lesson for those would reach out to Islam in the interests of "tolerance". Like the United Way:

MIM: Instead of a post 9/11'backlash' which Muslims had hoped for to vindicate their illusory victim status, the opposite phenomenon occured, with an unprecedented surge in the number of converts and an outpouring of charitable funding going to organisations and mosques which themselves were linked to terrorism .

One example of this involves the Islamic Society of Boston, a hotbed of radical Islamism going back to the 1990's, whose roster of Jihadi's included Yusef Qaradawi, a Qatar based cleric who issued a fatwa urging women to become suicide bombers, who was banned from the US in 1999. Qaradawi worked together with Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who was jailed for 23 years last year on terrorism related charges.

The United Way charity awarded the ISB terrorist enclave $15,000 after 9/11 so they could propagate Islam and recruit converts under the guise of outreach. A week after 9/11 the ISB received more then 700 visitors. An article in the Christian Science Monitor of 2001 chronicled such an outreach session - and gushed that the two converts who spoke that evening were "easy emissaries of Islam to embrace...because they can "use American idioms and use American slang".

In an even more obscene travesty of the 9/11 attacks the United Way was reported to have given the Islamic Center of Boston an additional $50,000 dollars as part of an 'outreach grant' and the convert recruiting group used part of it to commission" a study into the pyschological effects of 9/11 on Muslims."

It is worth noting that it is not clear if the grant of $50,000 cited in the Atlanta Journal Constitution included the original $15,000 dollar grant from United Way, (which is documented on their website) or if it was separate.

(Another possibility is that the journalist mistook 15,000 for 50,000 and cited the wrong amount. Whatever the case, it is a misuse of United Way donor funding for any amount to go for Da'wa (converting people to Islam) anywhere,and it is adding insult to injury when the group is the Islamic Society of Boston, known for being a terrorist 'mecca)'.

The take-away from this is never assume "tolerance" will be reciprocated.
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