Marlowe's Shade

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Entry 2-8

I was all over the place with my prayertime this morning. After wards I realized that there is still this subtle attitude that God is drawing back from me, the problem is that I am drawing back from him.

Lately, if I don't connect in prayertime, I can often feel a strong Presence during my commute while I listen to praise and worship music in my car. I know it's best not to rely on this time as the basis of my day, but it can be a wonderful transition. Yesterday I was singing praise and was greeted, as I crested a hill, with a dazzling sunrise with bands of turquoise and coral.

When I get hung up like I did this morning, I think that I am searching for a tangible sense of His personal Presence so I can perceive Who He Is. I got the feeling today that one thing preventing that is not being comfortable with exposing who I am.
papijoe 7:28 AM