Marlowe's Shade

Friday, February 04, 2005

Entry 2-4

It ain't easy, but my prayertime is getting better. What's improved is that I've been trying to focus on Who God is [as opposed to what He can do for me]. Understanding God's Person is tricky right off the bat. Do you focuse on God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit? I think in one sense it doesn't matter as long as you are not avoiding any aspect of God. Like many I'm intimidated by God the Father. Jesus came because, on one level, he would be easier for us to relate to. What I've found helpful is to look at his relationship with those disciples that seem to be like me in certain circumstances. Any of us who have messed up big time in our walk can relate to Peter. And who at some point hasn't been a doubting Thomas? Even the love and compassion He showed to Judas Iscariot should give us an idea of how he esteems us even at our worst. Today in prayertime I was meditating on his relationship with John. John was just a boy and yet he had the most spiritually intimate relationship with Jesus of all the disciples.

That kind of intimacy requires an innocence that must be reclaimed. I'm not there yet, and yet I know it is possible.
papijoe 7:57 AM