Marlowe's Shade

Monday, February 14, 2005

Entry 2-14

I’m starting to realize that the reason that intimacy with God is difficult because of my track record concerning intimacy with humans. The first issue is that intimacy has become sexualized in this world. I remember a friend from China lamenting that he was afraid of the thoughtless intimacy he had with his male friends after being exposed to American culture that would mistake that innocent intimacy as homosexuality.

The other problem is that humans disappoint each other. This can run the gamut from intentional betrayal to unfortunate misunderstandings, but to different degrees the result is that we get hurt and shy away from intimacy.

Also related to this is that intimacy is impossible with unrepented sin, and yet a history of sin can bring feelings of condemnation even when we aren’t particularly guilty of anything at the moment.

All these obstacles being present, today there was an overwhelming sense of blessing and protection that I’ll be trying to carry through the whole day. It was like waking up with a Valentine from God.
papijoe 8:08 AM