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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blogburst for Terri: Some Thoughts on Why This Is Happening Part 1

Terri's case is significant because she is a human being. She was and is still dearly loved. Despite her serious impairment, she has intrinsic worth. I believe from her interactions with her family she is still aware and capable of feeling love. There simple shouldn't be a question of keeping her alive. So why is her life in danger?

I find it significant that the forces at work threating her life are the same that we have seen at work opposed to what can (somewhat glibly) be described as traditional American and Judeo-Christian values. The attacks of 9-11 were a wake up call to many like myself that the consequences not defending those values and way of life were potentially lethal. Terri's case is another wake up call. On 9-11, adherents of a cult of death were responsible for taking over 3000 lives. However this Cult can be seen as having many different orders, jihadi Islam being one. Up until now I would probably be a little reluctant to describe some of these forces in such strong terms, previous to this I might worry about appearing alarmist. But the forces that have been converging to eliminate the Judeo-Christian foundations of our society can now be seen as unambiguously enabling the judicially sanctioned murder of Terri Schiavo.

As the courts should have been her last line of defense, Judge George W Greer can be seen as one of the arch-villains of this story. There is a great deal of commentary on the legal issues here, but the link I posted for the petition to have Judge Greer impeached still has the best synopsis I've seen so far of the many violations of Terri's rights. I can't speak to Judge Greer's motivations, from what I've read he seems to be a lazy judge who makes cavalier rulings. His refusal to grant a restraining order cost one woman her life. Now his poor judgment may cost another woman her life.

Judge W. Douglas Baird is also culpable for striking down a law that would prevent Terri's feeding tube from being removed.

The same judicial activism that seeks to secularize our society, hampers the war on terror, and redefine marriage has now assigned itself a new and deadly role. This began with Roe vs Wade, but now the judges would have us embark on an agenda of euthanasia reminiscent of Nazi Germany. We've already seen this agenda advanced in the Netherlands. According to Father Pavone Terri isn't the first to be targeted, but it's in Terri's case where we are making a stand.

I'll try to post later about the two other major forces at work, the Mainstream Media and one that's a little harder to identify.
papijoe 7:23 AM