Marlowe's Shade

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Blogburst for Terri: The Case Against Michael Schiavo

I think the two greatest fallacies that support Michael Schiavo's attempts to end Terri's life are the myth that she is in persistant vegetative state and Michael's claim that he is carrying out her wishes. Terri's family's site has done a good job debunking the PVS claim, and is supported by the testimony of her caregivers. But the claim of Terri's wish to die is based on Michael's word alone. I think the best way to refute that is by exposing Michael's actions that clearly don't reflect a loving dedicated husband trying to carry out his wife's request. Instead it points to someone dedicated to destroy his wife's remaining health and will to live by any means available, including cruel neglect and pyschological and physical torment. His treatment of her family also displays his lack of good will. Please read this post from ProLifeBlogs that details all of Michaels abuses. It is rather long, which is significant in itself. I strongly believe he has no legal or ethical case to end Terri's life, but even if a reasonable argument could be made, it wouldn't come close to justifying in any way what he has done to Terri and her family.
papijoe 7:00 AM