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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sharon to Prevent Abu Mazen From Visiting Temple Mount

From Arutz Sheva

Prime Ministerial Adviser Raanan Gissin said today that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided against allowing PLO leader Mahmoud ("Abu Mazen") Abbas to film an election promo on the Temple Mount.

The elections are to take place on Sunday, and the PLO has requested that Israel allow Abu Mazen to film on the Mount during the elections last days. Today, Gissin was quoted as saying that the decision has been made and Abu Mazen will not be allowed to film at the holy site, "even if he comes to Jerusalem."

When asked if Sharon will himself go up to the Temple Mount, Gissin said that it is a possibility. He also noted that the last time Mr. Sharon went up to the Mount, four years ago, he expressed the hope that the next time he went up there, it would be as prime minister of Israel.

Smart move.
papijoe 10:43 AM