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Monday, January 17, 2005

Irishman Becomes Famous Pundit in Israel

OK, I'm checking out the columns in Arutz Sheva this morning when all of a sudden I see this familiar face staring up at me:

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Why it's Patrick al-Kafir from Clarity and Resolve! Not only did he get to post a fine column but he got two links to his blog to boot!

Turns out Patrick has been a contributing columnist since last August. Don't know how I missed it, unless he was using a different pic.

Here's a sample:

In the 1960s, Yasser Arafat set out to build an internationally recognized political entity and a new national identity for an immigrant people out of the raw material of lies, terrorism and murder. And he pulled it off. He conned the world into rewarding terrorism and bankrolling one of the most colossal scams in modern history: the spurious conceit of a nation called "Palestine" and a people called the "Palestinians". As much as I think he was a despicable, homicidal charlatan, I've got to admit that he pulled off a truly impressive feat of imagination and audacity.

Ah, but even arch-terrorists must die. I can't say that his passing wet my eyes too much - certainly not as much as, say, Jacques Chirac. And the mainstream media, which wrote stirring paeans to the deceased progenitor of modern Arab terror. Heck, even Jimmy Carter dropped by ol' Abu Ammar's tomb a couple of months after he was dropped into it. The world (which he conned) seemed almost to be saying, "Well, perhaps he was a terrorist, but damn it, he was our terrorist!"

And then came the hope for "a new era of peace in the Middle East" (as if Israel has anything to do with the dysfunctional and violent culture endemic to the rest of the area); the hope for a more moderate terrorist to lead Palestinian Arabs back onto the Road Map of destroying Israel more subtly, more quietly. Mahmoud Abbas, will you please report to the PLO's front office, and bring your compendium of lies and half-truths.

I'll be reading the older columns all day. You can also find him on Israpundit.

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