Marlowe's Shade

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Entry 1-26

Focus, focus, focus. I'm back to that. The demands of the day want to crowd in so quickly. Again there was that sense that my life is set up all wrong if I want to abide in God. The sense of shame I feel when I realize how screwed up my priorities are can because another excuse for not trying to enter into His Presence. But when we accept Jesus as our savior, his sacrifice allows us to approach the Mercy Seat no matter what the circumstances are.

I read something the other day in Watchman Nee about how most never get full salvation, and I know that I fall into that category. We are told that we are saved, but we continue to live as carnal Christians, and don't get the full deliverance from the flesh that is available to us. This was a shock to learn because I think nowadays, the Church assumes that we will fall again and again into sin and we are reassured that it doesn't affect our salvation [which I believe for the most part is true], and we are told to be patient that God will do a work in us and deliver us from everything. But if we choose to abide in Him all the time, that wouldn't be an issue. I know that even Paul had a thorn in his flesh that God allowed to keep Paul humble, but I'm starting to believe most of our carnality serves no good purpose. The problem seems to be our will.
papijoe 6:49 AM