Marlowe's Shade

Monday, January 17, 2005

Entry 1-17

This morning's prayertime was another battle. Yesterday pastor was talking about how we have to find a place where we can go to be alone with God with no distractions. I realized that I've construct my life [both inner and outer] to give a place to everything but God. I found it easy to get discouraged when I saw that from that point of view I'm much worse than I thought I was. But regardless, I finally found my peace today, at least for a little while.

I got back to reading Watchman Nee, and he confirmed what I vaguely remembered reading a long time ago. In terms of our make up as spirit, soul and body, the contruction of the Temple of Solomon is a perfect analog. The outer courts represent the body, the soul is the Holy Place, and the spirit, where God's Shekinah Glory is on the Mercy Seat, is the spirit.

This comparison to the Temple has been used by Jesus Himself, and also Paul. Reading it an acknowledging it intellectually is one thing. Acting as if I really understand all of the implications is something else.
papijoe 7:20 AM