Marlowe's Shade

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Entry 1-12

I didn't plan for the bad weather this morning and spent my usual prayertime watching the Weather Channel to see if it was safe to try to make it into work. There's a real snapshot of my priorities. By God's grace I made it in ok, but starting my day off like that puts me in the unmerciful clutchs of circumstances. I've done a lot of driving in bad weather and much of it was in a truck that handled very badly in those conditions. Heavy snow and freezing rain are the worst and I have to admit that I now have a conditioned trauma response to winter storms. It's also a good spiritual metaphor for what I'm trying to do in my daily journey of faith. Staying on the Road is all about Traction, if you lose it, watch out! Prayertime is making sure the rubber meets the Road.

If the metaphor sounds corny, try to imagine it as lyrics to a bluegrass gospel song. Ok, it's still corny...
papijoe 7:06 AM