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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Colombian/Venezuelan Border Tensions

From Yahoo News

I've been dreading this kind of news for a while

Venezuela dispatched extra troops as part of an effort to tighten security along its border with neighboring Colombia, but officials on Monday denied that the move was linked to a heated dispute over the capture of a rebel leader in Caracas by bounty hunters paid by Colombia.

Fortunately Alvaro Uribe is a leader with huevos.

Uribe issued a statement late Sunday leveling Colombia's most serious and explicit charges, accusing Venezuela of having sheltered Granda and saying other Colombian terrorists and rebel camps are inside Venezuela.

"Colombia will deliver proof to the government of Venezuela about the protection that authorities of this country provided to Mr. Granda. The sheltering of terrorists violates the sovereignty of Colombia," Uribe's statement said.

Regardless, Chavez seems to be doing all he can to intimidate the Colombians

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recalled his ambassador and suspended commercial ties, demanding that Uribe apologize. But Colombia's president said he has the right to offer rewards for the apprehension of Colombian terrorists, wherever they are.

On Monday, transport trucks carrying food and fuel were backed up on the Venezuelan side of Maicao, a dusty border crossing in western Zulia state while National Guard troops checked vehicles for contraband.

"I've been waiting here since 10 a.m. because of the checks" by troops, said Renato Ruzardo, a trucker transporting sugarcane syrup to neighboring Colombia.

I'm very worried about this, but I take comfort that God is raising up his army in the jungle in the very same region.
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